They Want Us to be Happy

Live, Laugh, Love

The objectives for our retreat weekend were:


1. Meet and bond with other grieving mothers

2. Learn at least 3 strategies for relaxation and/or stress relief

3. Socialize in a non- judgmental environment

4. Have an opportunity to live, laugh, love, cry, and reflect


I believed we accomplished them!


We arrived in Branson on Thursday, and Friday.  Old and new friends gathered on Friday evening to get reacquainted, enjoy some snacks and meet our speaker Sally Martin.


We had a very thoughtful session with Sally.  We explored the concepts of “Live Laugh Love”.  A highlight was a discussion of what we have learned from our angels.  It was an emotional but healing exercise.  It gave us an opportunity to share stories of our children.


Sally then gave us an overview of the history of the labyrinth.  Some of us have walked a labyrinth.  She showed us another way that we could use it to help us cope with our day to day stresses and decision making. 


On Sunday morning we had a very meaningful memorial ceremony for our angel children.  The Branson Parks Department facilitated a tree planting for us.  Shawn Sibley kindly donated the tree, and time and effort arranging the planting. Parks also supplied rocks for us to write names on, and we then placed them around the tree.


At 10:00 am we walked to a nearby park.  As we approached, we heard a trumpet playing ‘Angel In The Sky’ an original piece of music that Richard Smith wrote for Cara, Elissa Smith’s angel daughter.  Sally did a reading, a meaningful story about birth, change, and positivity.