Barbara was a grieving mother, like all of us. She lost her eldest child, Evan, in a motorcycle accident in September, 2006. 

The pain of losing a child can destroy you, or you can build from the ashes of your grief. That is exactly what Barbara did in uniting mothers in support and love when creating the safe haven of ForMomsOnly.

Barbara knew that her time with us would be cut short due to her battle with breast cancer. When her time neared, she stepped away, handed the reins to all of us, confident that FMO would thrive.

We were inspired to continue what she had started and to return the gift of healing that she freely gave to all of us.

Ann Millican, AnnM / ForMomsOnly


Teri R.


On Jan. 2, 2007 my world came crashing down as an officer stood before me and uttered three little words I had never imagined hearing, "she didn't survive".  My beautiful 17 year old daughter, Kala, had been killed in a car accident.  I was shattered, lost, numb, and hopeless.


Hopeless only until I sat at her desk one night a few weeks later searching the internet for help.  I knew if I could find just one other mom who'd survived the intense pain I was living with, that I too, perhaps, would survive.  I found a link to an online support group called Daily Strength and wrote my first journal.  I was amazed anyone read it and responded!  And instantly I knew I'd found a "home" for my broken heart; a place where I was heard and understood.  


I have survived and even thrived (amazing!) in my grief journey; each year changing, each year learning more and more how to live WITH Kala, thanks to the amazing, beautiful women of ForMomsOnly.



Teri ForMomsOnly, Inc. President, CFO/FMO

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