Barbara was a grieving mother, like all of us. She lost her eldest child, Evan, in a motorcycle accident in September, 2006. 

The pain of losing a child can destroy you, or you can build from the ashes of your grief. That is exactly what Barbara did in uniting mothers in support and love when creating the safe haven of ForMomsOnly.

Barbara knew that her time with us would be cut short due to her battle with breast cancer. When her time neared, she stepped away, handed the reins to all of us, confident that FMO would thrive.

We were inspired to continue what she had started and to return the gift of healing that she freely gave to all of us.

Ann Millican, AnnM / ForMomsOnly



Ann M.


I am a grieving mother, but I am more.  

I do not want to be defined by my grief, yet it is a part of me that I have to embrace.  I am always trying to find ways to incorporate and fold my life experiences into my being and in turn, I feel that it makes me more loving, compassionate and kind.  I cannot fathom ForMomsOnly not being a part of my life and it is my primary tool in my healing and growth.  The loving and healing arms of the women of ForMomsOnly have been a blessing on my journey.


On a beautiful September day in 2006, I lost my youngest child, Daren, forever 19. He died in an on the job, safety related failure, and was able to save other lives.  There is not a day that I do not think of something that I want to share with him or a memory that comes to my mind of him. I am now at a place in my healing that I am able to celebrate his life, instead of mourning his absence.

My son did the ultimate pay it forward with his life on that fateful day, and to carry his sacrifice forward, I believe in paying it forward with random acts of kindness.  I am dedicated to ForMomsOnly and work to repay the kindness, support and love bestowed upon me in my dark days.


Please accept my hand in friendship and I hope you will find ForMomsOnly to be the beacon of hope that you are seeking.



Ann ForMomsOnly, Inc. President /Social Media Specialist