Many of our members have found healing through artistic creation.

We are delighted to share their inspiring pieces.


I make quilts as therapy.


Into The Sea 2012

The Air that I Breathe 2009

Bed Of Roses

Douglas' Quilt


Being Old​

I find calmness when I paint, and my emotions can flow through my paint brushes. I had no formal training, just create what I feel in my heart.

Colleen loved painting and drawing pictures, so when I paint, I feel close to her.

This bond will last for as long as I live.

The light at the end of the tunnel

My angel, Colleen

Being alone

My imaginary "Happy Place"

My Cocoon


Psalm 23


Missing Colleen



Writing poetry is something I can do quickly and I find that most times, the words just flow. I've written a novel, I write essays, articles and short stories, but poetry is the only medium in which Spirit consistently speaks through me.

Creativity is nothing more than taking the human condition (from joy to suffering) and converting to art.

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I find it very therapeutic to do embroidery for others. This creates meaningful and special creations for them to have.

Remembering Doug

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly

You could have been a caterpillar, but you chose to be a butterfly.

~ A guide to surviving mental illness ~ My son's journey


Eve is second from the right in the red quilt. Red for the colors of heart, warm and all embracing.